Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stranger Questions

Let me get this straight…
by Emily Pepka
Funny and ridiculous things strangers said to us in just one weekend ...

"Oh twins? 2 boys?" – I dress my daughter in an obscene amount of pink and put her in bows and headbands, usually to avoid this question. It clearly doesn’t always work.

"That's a real baby!" -What did you think it was?

"Oh there's 2!" –As my husband and I push around a double stroller. No, we got the double stroller for fun?

"Are they identical?" Ok, we get this one a lot. Usually from people who know we have a boy and a girl already. There's one big difference that makes them not identical. Can you guess what it is?

"Is that your doll?" -As my daughters thrashes violently and screams. I know some dolls can be life like but come on!

"I've always wanted twins."- Another one we get a lot that just cracks me up. Apparently everyone in the world wants twins?
  Fine by me, I love having twins, but I can't say it was my lifelong dream ;)

"They don't look alike." – They’re not identical. They're essentially the same as siblings born years apart, they just happened to be conceived at the same time. Do you look the same as your sister or brother?

We also had several women come up to us and move the shade of our stroller to see the babies inside. Awkward. Who does that? They’ve probably covered up for a reason. If there are 2 seats in a stroller and the shade pulled over both, let’s all just assume there’s 2 children in the stroller.

I guess people are just pretty curious about twins.
 About the Author: Emily Pepka is a proud Air Force wife and mom of twins. Her boy/girl twins were born in June 2011 at only 27 weeks. Her blog, Twice the Miracle ( documents her family's life through the NICU and beyond. In January 2013, Emily and her husband welcomed a full term healthy singleton baby boy. The Pepka's are currently stationed at Los Angeles Air Force Base, volunteer with the March of Dimes Family Teams Committee and are members of the Beach Cities Parents of Multiples Association (

Monday, April 1, 2013

April is National Multiple Birth Awareness Month

April is National Multiples Birth Awareness Month. 

Every year, the National Organization of Mothers of Twins (NOMOTC - link on the side bar) asks local clubs to reach out to the greater community and share stories about raising twins, triplets and more.

This year, to that end, the BCPMA will reach out to our community partners who serve multiples families so that we can learn from one another. We will also use this blog to share stories with one another.

If you are raising multiples, serve multiples in your business or organization, conduct multiples research, or are a twin or triplet yourself, please consider sharing you story here.

We will consider previously published blog posts.

Check out the submissions guide tab, and get in touch with us! We'd love to hear your story.